Blood Donation Camp Sept 21st


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Blood Donation Camp Sept 21st

chandra lakshmi blood camp 21 september annual


Donate Blood, Save Lives


All subscribers and friends of Chandra Lakshmi are invited to the 21st Annual Blood Donation Camp. Chandra Lakshmi hosts this camp as part of its 'Back to the Community' initiative. This camp sits at the heart of the dengue season and holds significance in saving lives in the most critical time of the year. We believe having an initiative like blood donation and involving everyone along in this activity propagates values of love, humility and helpfulness. We believe in building a strong culture of integrity and camaraderie. Culture impacts business and we want to impact the culture with the values we believe in. Your support will be appreciated by the hundreds of families of the people who's lives would be saved. Please find time to support us in this noble cause.


Blood Donation Camp Specifics


Day:   Monday

Date:   Sept 21st

Time:   11 am to 6 pm

Venue:   East Patel Nagar Market